10/24/16: Manic Monday

I’m coming off a weekend of late nights and lots of getting-stuff-done and little time to take a breath. We celebrated Dino-Kid’s (it feels weird to say that, but I think she has graduated beyond toddlerhood? I’m not sure this nickname will stick.) birthday with a shindig at our home. I believe that saying, “It takes a village,” and our village is pretty damn spectacular. I  know she is so loved, but it was an overwhelming reminder of how lucky she (and we are, too) to have so many wonderful, caring people helping her grow.

It was also the first year where I really figured she’d enjoy the decorations I put together, and I wanted to make it extra special for her. I do go a little over-the-top in making stuff for her parties sometimes, but I love crafting and DIY-ing. Daniel Tiger was the theme, of course, and I had fun creating things that would make her feel like some of the Neighborhood of Make Believe was actually in her home.

When she woke up and came down the stairs in the morning, I was rewarded beyond what I could have dreamed. She ran around the dining room looking at the decor. Then, she turned around, looked at me, and said, “Mama, did you make this for me?! Thank you so very much!”

My heart melted, and the late nights and rushing around were totally worth it.

This whole week has hit me right in the feels as I remember my itty bitty baby and how she is so not itty bitty anymore. There have also been various running-related stories that have hit me hard emotionally and reminded me that the vast majority of runners are really awesome people.

Grab your tissues and head to these links if you’d like to read something that’ll hopefully make you think a little. Or maybe make people think you have allergies or just a piece of dust in your eye or something.

  • I’m pretty much in love with most everything Jenny Lawson does and says, and this blog post is no exception.
  • Another Mother Runner featured this beautifully written piece about running across generations. I got both chills and warm fuzzies while reading it.
  • I try not to get vocally political too often. But you should vote. I’ll tie it in with this piece by Run Selfie Repeat on Runner’s World. You go, girl. You have a runner’s body, and I have a runner’s body, too.
  • On a similar note, Reebok is facing some pushback on a recent photo they posted in relation to their #PerfectNever campaign, featuring renowned international supermodel Gigi Hadid. I like that social media gives people a chance to vocalize to organizations what is right/wrong and have their voices be heard. Run Far Girl writes eloquently on the issue. Just for good measure, I’ll include a counterpoint.
  • A heartwarming and heartbreaking story all at the same time. These twins are both amazing in their own unique ways.

Okay. That’s what I’ve got for today! Hope your Monday isn’t too manic. If it is, there’s a nice glass of wine or mug of hot tea calling your name right now. You better listen.

Read on. Run on.