10/4/16: Toddler Tuesday

It has been a few weeks since I did a Toddler Tuesday feature, but that doesn’t mean Dino-Toddler’s life hasn’t been hopping. We’re in the midst of potty training, and she’s really starting to get the hang of it. I don’t think I’ve changed more than one dirty/wet diaper in the past 48 hours. This kinda rocks and also kinda feels really sad at the same time. All you parents of age 2-3+ kiddos are picking up what I’m putting down, right?

We’re certainly staying busy around here, and I often feel like I am lacking in “me time” where I do activities that I enjoy. Don’t get me wrong. Playing with the Fisher Price dollhouse and Daniel Tiger figurines for a few hours after work/daycare is great. I love that she wants me to play with her All.The.Time. But I also need to have my own way to unwind at the end of the day. And playing Cookie Cats, although entertaining for me, is not something I want DT to watch me do for hours on end. If I don’t want her to be glued to her future phone/tablet/whatever-the-hell-device-kids-will-have-in-10-years, I need to practice what I preach now.

I’ve been practicing more yoga lately, and I’m really enjoying my first month’s subscription to YogaGlo. To my delight, I’m finding DT also enjoys doing her own version of yoga.

I stumbled across this book at the library and checked it out to see what DT would think. She was quite receptive to it and immediately wanted to try out the moves. She has always been a bundle of energy, and I think channeling that energy into positive, healthy activities like dance and yoga could be really good for her.

Tonight I decided to sneak in a quick Core Yoga for Runners class on the Roku (there are so many good classes targeted toward runners!) while hubby gave DT a bath. Well, they finished sooner than I expected. Instead of letting her become a disruption to my practice, though, I asked her to join. She jumped right in.

Trying to Downward Dog with a Downward Puppy

Luckily, she joined me toward the end. Corpse pose is kinda fun with a giggly toddler on your belly.

She totally rolled off and face-planted, like, 2 seconds after this.

I hope I can cultivate her interest even more. I’d like us to share some hobbies as she gets older, because I know eventually I won’t be her ideal playmate. There’ll be times when she wants to shut me out or is embarrassed by me (actually, that’s probably already happening) or is so mad at me because I won’t buy her the latest whatever-the-hell-device-kids-will-have-in-10-years. And I hope by sharing interests like yoga or books, we can always remember how much we enjoy being together.



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