9/19/16: Manic Monday

The “blahs” and bedhead were real this morning, and maybe I wouldn’t have had to face the mirror if I had just stayed in bed and slept until I absolutely had to roll out. However, I only pressed the snooze button a few times and got myself “up and running”, and the girl in the mirror was a little horrifying.

Try not to be too scared…

Afterward, I noticed she looked like she felt better and stronger and happier. (It’s true, I did. Even if I still had the “blahs.”)

Not exactly giddy, but that gal sure looks a lot happier.
I bet today is Monday for you, too, so I’ll just leave you with a few short items that are intriguing me today.

Information is coming out on how the sugar industry has basically scammed us into pointing the finger toward fat, shaping how we as Americans focus our eating. They paid researchers to coerce us into believing FAT=BAD so that we wouldn’t pay as much attention to the real culprit (spoiler alert: ADDED SUGAR=WORSE). I grew up hearing “low-fat, low-fat, low-fat”…not to mention the low-carb phase, too. Really, we need plenty of good fats and good carbs in our diet.

This tied right into the Another Mother Runner podcast I finished listening to during this morning’s quick trek featuring Elyse Kopecky, who co-authored the cookbook RUN FAST. EAT SLOW. with Shalene Flanagan. She talked about the recipes in the book being “indulgent nourishment,” and I actually exclaimed, “I LOVE that term,” out loud when she said it.

Lately, I have either been on the “too much crunchy roughage” end of the spectrum or the “indulgent not-at-all-nourishing food” end. I know there’s a middle ground, but I often find it elusive. So now I basically can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this.

Okay, that’s what I’ve got for today. Hoping for a good week this week, because most of my waking moments (and probably some of my sleeping moments, too) are spent silently panicking about the TC 10 Mile in 3 weeks.

I think a good yoga sesh should be in store tonight…if I don’t pass out on the couch first.

Read on. Run on.