8/11/16: Thankful Thursday

Can you guess what I’m thankful for first today? I mean it has appeared on my list two times already and I haven’t even been blogging that long.

  1. Coffee: As an update, no I haven’t kicked my Starbuck’s habit. I’m using the giftcards I so lovingly received for my birthday as an excuse. And yeah, I’ll work on it  as soon as I’m not tired anymore sometime soon…
  2. Libraries: Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Shameless plug from a librarian wanting you to use the library more. BUT FOR REAL, USE THE LIBRARY MORE. For whatever. Chances are your library has more than you think it does. I am still amazed at the books I realize we have or the DVDs we own. And I’m the one who currently manages the DVD collection!
    Anyway, this relates into running, because I’ve been doing a lot of perusing of running books/materials. If I can’t find what I want at our location, I can try to find it through Interlibrary Loan. If I can’t find it through ILL, Minnesota is set up with a lending program that makes it possible to get a book from most library systems in the STATE.
    Here’s my current stack, and this only includes the running/healthy living books:

    I actually just returned a bunch the other day, too.
  3. Change: I will preface this one by saying that I am not good with change. I love predictability and routine. I am a list-making, planner-following, schedule-abiding fool.
    But change is part of life. It is inevitable. For us, it has been change because of conscious decisions and change because of fate. Change happens, and a lot has happened for us, especially in the last year. A small amount of it has been really bad, but most of it has been fantastic.So on the days when I wake up to “the circus”
    and the cat throws up on the doormat
    and Dino-Toddler drops her oatmeal on the carpet
    and the dog chases the skittish/neurotic cat
    and I know there’s more chaos waiting for me at work
    and I realize we’re out of cheese slices (I don’t have time to make anything else but a cheese sandwich today for DT’s lunch!)
    and DT tries to “help” feed the animals but just drops a bunch of kibble on the floor
    and why is my hair so frizzy today? I can’t do anything with it
    and did I make my car payment yet?
    and why aren’t the dishes done? why is the garbage overflowing?
    and WHY, Mama, WHY? DT asks me over and over and over again
    …these are the days I need to remind myself to breath. I need to remember that change is good, and this moment is fleeting. My life is its own kind of beautiful, and I’m a stronger and happier person because all of these things are in my life. Eventually, the chaos will die down and all the critters, including DT, will grow older. And I’m sure I’ll miss some of these moments.

For today, I’ll sit here and relish the brief moment of silence I have before going into work at noon. I have my coffee (QUIT JUDGING ME!), and Chewbarka is snoozing at my feet. Romeo is basking in the sun. Nora is…well I don’t know where, because she’s avoiding Chewie, and that’s fine. DT is at daycare, and hubby is working. I am here, and things are changing, and I am thankful.

Read on. Run on.