8/10/16: Wantable Wednesday!

As teased in my last post, I received my first Wantable Fitness Edit on Monday! After staring longingly at the box in my closet as I carried loads of laundry in and out, I finally got a chance to try them on last night. And I dragged hubby along to document it all. Isn’t he lucky?

Here are the individual pieces:

Initial impressions were that I liked the patterns and jewel tone colors. I was a little skeptical about some features that I was worried would be less-than-flattering on me. I love a good pair of black workout pants or shorts, though. And these looked comfy!

Alright, let me preface this with saying I DO NOT like having pictures taken of myself. I especially do not like pictures of my full body. And I made the mistake of doing a core workout right before this, so…even tougher for me. But I am trying to work on some body positivity. I want to build confidence that, although I’m a work in progress, that doesn’t mean I’m not worthwhile now. *steps off soapbox*

So I paired all the pieces up as I saw fit, and here’s outfit one:


You’ll see a lovely pair of crop performance pants. They were comfy and sleek, and I believe they are figure-flattering. …Or maybe you won’t notice the pants, because you’ll be too distracted by the girls hanging out of that tank top. Oy.

The top comes with a built-in shelf bra, but that still wasn’t enough for me since I’m a bit top heavy. There were also holes in the side that left little to the imagination. Running + this top would be a no-go. I really did like the pattern, though. Maybe a different time, different place and we could have been a match.
Top: no thanks
Pants: maybe thumbs up?


This top was really sheer. Like…sheer enough that I’m glad the lighting is kinda bad so you can’t see what I could see. It was also a little too tight for my liking, so double whammy. Those shorts, though! What’s interesting is that they were not included in my “Order Summary.” Instead, I was supposed to be getting another pair of capris. I’m not complaining, though.

Top: no thanks
Shorts: heck yes!


So I’m all for a fun pattern, but this may have been a little too busy for me. They also were long for these shorty-legs. You can’t see it, but the sports bra I’m wearing matches the pants. The bra, while comfortable and cute, definitely would not have been enough support for me while running. I’d have to double-up, which isn’t ideal. There also wasn’t a way to make the straps tighter, so it hung a little loose.

The top! I love the color of it. Apparently it’s amaryllis. Forgot to take a picture of the back, but the straps cross for extra support and extra cuteness. The order details say it’s a good layering tank, and that’s exactly what it felt like. I think it’d be good for incorporating more yoga into my routine (which is part of my plan).

Top: I think so!
Bra: wish it would have worked
Pants: too long, sorry

I’m still making some final decisions (particularly since I have to check on the price of those shorts and let them know I didn’t receive the capris), but I’m leaning toward the shorts and the pink, err…amaryllis tank.

Jury is still out, but it was fun having a box to open and clothes to try on in the comfort of my own home. Hopefully I’ll have more insight next month from customer service response to returns to reviewing.

Read on. Run on.

P.S. Here’s a pic of Chewbarka’s face, because there was way too much me in this post.