8/9/16: Toddler Tuesday

Monday was so manic I didn’t even make it on here to post, despite my best intentions. It’s funny how you wake up thinking, “Yes! This is finally the day I will tackle with ease, and I’ll get my to-do list to-done, and it’ll be great!”

Then you get a phone call mid-afternoon at work saying your kid threw up on the playground at daycare and will you please come pick her up?

Before daycare yesterday. She looked so happy that I had to snap a photo.

We’re not sure what she has. No fever. Just two episodes of throwing up at daycare. Or as she told me when I came to pick her up, “Mom, I spit all over the slide.” It may be a passing cold. (She gets gunky and has a sensitive tummy when she gets a cold.) All I can tell you is I am tired. I am tired of my girl being sick since starting daycare. I’m tired of thinking, “Hey, she has been pretty healthy this month” and then having a new illness hit the next day. I admit I’m a hardcore worrier, and I fear for my girl often. Hoping this passes quickly.

We’re adjusting to the other toddler in our house, too. She is about as good at listening as Dino-Toddler is. We’ll be working on obedience, but she’s doing pretty well for a newbie at our house. And apparently she fancies herself a lap dog.

“Lap bear” is more like it

I had a really decent run yesterday morning. I upped my segments to 8 minutes of running and 2 minutes of walking, and I was worried about this increase. I didn’t even feel like I had a grip on the 7/3 segments I had been doing. However, it seemed to go better, and I felt pretty good afterward. I think I was mostly thankful to be running before the sun came up (unlike Saturday’s long-run-sweat-fest experience).

Some of the beautiful flowers that greet me when I get home from my runs

Although yesterday evening kinda felt like a bust, I did come home to find my first Wantable package waiting for me on the steps. After hearing some glowing reviews from family/friends, I subscribed to their Fitness Edit. It’s a once-a-month delivery that has been hand-picked according to your “loves” and “likes.” You pick what you like and send the rest back.

Here’s your preview with a promise that you’ll get more info…tomorrow? I sure hope I get some time to try on the stuff tonight!

Good things are inside!

Read on. Run on.