8/5/16: Friday Favorites

Photo from fromfattofinishlinefilm.com


Just looking at the tagline of the documentary From Fat to Finish Line, you can probably tell why I was instantly drawn to it. I couldn’t wait for this movie to be released to DVD, so I was extremely excited when it showed up in my box this week. On Wednesday night, I settled in with my hubby, pup, and kitties (and let’s be honest, a Skinny Cow ice cream pop because chocolate) and pressed ‘Play.’ For runners and non-runners alike who enjoy a down-to-earth motivational story, this film won’t disappoint.

This documentary tells the story of 12 people who have lost an average of 100 lbs. They have gone from being unable to climb a few stairs without being winded…to athletes. From being unable to tie their shoes without sucking in their stomachs…to participating in a grueling, overnight 200-mile relay run.

If you haven’t heard about the Ragnar relay races before, here’s a little primer. Summary: 12 people, 2 days/1 night, 200-ish miles, 2 vans, 11-24 miles run per person. It takes a lot of teamwork, support, motivation, and pure grit to get this done. Especially if you run it in Miami-to-Key West heat/humidity like these runners did.

The cinematography sometimes felt more like a reality show than a documentary film, but I don’t think that underscored the major themes of the documentary. Learning each person’s story as they ran their first leg was a nice touch; by their last leg of running, I felt like each one of them was a friend. They all have special stories to tell, and that culminates into this one awesome event.

I don’t know if a *SPOILER ALERT* is needed here or not…but the ending of the documentary was a little abrupt for my tastes. I enjoyed following this group through their Ragnar journey, and it was over very quickly as they crossed the finish line. I was hoping to see a little bit of post-race reflection and know if any of them had plans for future events/races. I suppose good movies leave you wanting more though, right?

Regardless, I really enjoyed watching this journey! I hope one day to have my own success story to tell, so it is always reassuring to see others who have been through it or are going through their journey now. Thumbs up recommendation to those looking for a nice boost and reminder of the power of the human body/spirit. Stream it on iTunes, or stream/purchase a DVD from Amazon today!

They also have an amazing community on Facebook and lots of good information on their website. Looks like an app and training plans are coming soon, too? Exciting! I think that is the marker of a truly successful film/movement: it is changing lives.

Read on. Run on.