7/27/16: Whatever Wednesday

Whatever, indeed.


Honestly, I’ve had little to say these past few days. Monday was a funeral, which is always hard. This one also involved quite a bit of travel, which drained us.

Tuesday morning, I FINALLY rolled out of bed and ran. It had been over a week! My stupid cold made it easy to say “no,” but I couldn’t keep using that as an excuse. I still have a tickle in my throat, but it was time to buck up.

And it was awful. Truly terrible. The humidity didn’t do me any favors. Even if the air hadn’t felt soupy, it still wouldn’t have been great. My limbs were lead. My head was foggy. I just wasn’t into it.

I guess at least I had some decent views? Apparently I like trees on the skyline. Because there are many pics like this.

I did 45 minutes again this morning. I realized about 8 minutes in that the GPS on my Fitbit Surge had not picked up, and it seemed like the mileage was off by about .5 miles. That was even more discouraging, because it brought my “average pace” down a LOT. I already struggle to maintain a running pace that would be considered “walking pace” for others, and to be frank, it embarrasses me. I keep hoping it gets better, but it’s clearly something that will take time.

Regardless, I did FEEL better today. I got a very slight runner’s high around 25 minutes, and things started to feel a little easier. I also had my AMR podcast to keep me company. Usually, I have already burned through it on my weekend long-run.

Tonight, my family took me out for a birthday dinner (tomorrow is the big…err…not-so-big day). It was nice, and I ate my weight in the complimentary chips and salsa. Good news is I have lots of leftovers for tomorrow, since I was full by the time my meal even arrived.

I got to spend it with some of my favorite people, though. So no guilt there. Ever.

On our way to bday dinner. Yes, that’s a winter hat. Yes, it’s too small for her head. That’s enough questions.

Read on. Run on.

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    1. Thanks, husband! (And thanks for my first comment ever, I think.)

      She has a big ol’ noggin’. And it’s only getting bigger.

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