7/15/16: Friday Favorites

Happy Fri-yay! I guess it doesn’t mean a whole lot that it’s Friday for me since I work tomorrow. However, that does mean I don’t work today. And then I get a whole day with my girl.

I ran a couple of miles this morning, and I could actually feel myself making progress. Even compared to the beginning of the week, I felt much stronger. We will see how tomorrow’s long run goes. (Oh yeah, I woke up too late to get a long run in this morning. At least I still dragged my butt out the door.)

I was foam rolling and using my Gaiam foot roller this morning, and dino-toddler decided she was ready to join in. We sat side-by-side rolling for a while. I love setting an example for her.

“Am I doin’ it, Mama?”

After a pajama-filled morning, we set off for a walk, some lunch, and library time. Girlfriend LOVES the library, and that makes me super happy. Happy enough that I’ll take her there on many of my days off.

Lunching in a downtown park.

And now here I sit during some prized “me-time” as she naps. I would have been here earlier, but some intense games of Candy Crush and Cookie Cats were necessary.

For Friday Favorites, my plan is to reflect on something related to running that I’m digging right now. It might be a blog, book, news article, product, or…just about anything.

What better way to start off than with the website/book series/awesome ladies that started it all for me?

I don’t remember when I discovered Another Mother Runner. I believe I picked up Dimity and Sarah’s first book, Run Like a Mother, at a library in Minneapolis shortly after becoming a mother myself. I was lost and sad and desperate to feel better, feel healthier, feel something…I’m sure I will talk much more in depth about my mental health struggles in future posts, but that’s not my focus today.

In the book, I found a glimmer of hope for myself, something that was a rarity at that time. I can’t say I’ve stuck with running consistently since I found the book, but each time I find myself off track, AMR and the AMR community bring me back.

Regardless if you are a mom or not, their blog posts and podcasts are insightful, down-to-earth, and informative. I so look forward to my long runs, partially because I know I can spend most of that time listening to the weekly podcast that comes out on Friday. They have professionally crafted training plans available in their new Train Like a Mother Club, and the gear in their shop…well, I want it all. Even at the very beginning of my running journey, the many resources they provide helped me to keep pounding pavement and still feel like a #bamr.

So there you have it. If you’re a lady looking for a new blog to follow or a new community to be part of or a new training plan or some reading material, I highly recommend you check out AMR.

**This endorsement and these opinions are completely my own. AKA nobody asked me to write this. I just really love AMR. For reals.

Happy weekend!!

Read on. Run on.