7/14/16: Thankful Thursday

I slept in today. I didn’t mean to, really. All the cleaning I did made for a late night and a hard sleep. I woke up to DT crawling into bed to snuggle with me at 7:30. That reminded me of how thankful I am for…

  1. Sleep: And I need to remember that on the nights I’m tempted to stay up late to read just a few more pages or clean a few more dishes. So many studies have concluded time and time again that getting adequate sleep aids in overall physical and mental wellness. Even Runner’s World reminds me of this almost daily. So I need to keep that in mind, especially since I’m focused on running better and losing weight. Two distinct battles that can benefit tremendously from getting enough shuteye.
  2. Northern Minnesota shores: More specifically, Duluth. Whenever I visit Duluth, I fall in love with the city all over again. It’s a bigger city with a smaller feel, and I adore the quirky buildings and friendly vibe.
    As I previously mentioned, I was highly disappointed to not get a nice long run in along the shore. I have a feeling I would have loved it, though. If it weren’t so darn far away from the people I love, I honestly think we’d live there.
  3. Tanlines: In most of my summers since I’ve been alive, I have actively avoided the sun and heat. I vowed to never wear shorts, and I hated being in a bathing suit (I guess that part hasn’t really changed).
    I don’t know what changed in me this past year, but I can’t get enough of the heat and sunshine on my skin. Even with practicing sun safety most of the time, I’ve developed a slight tan. Including one gnarly tanline under my Fitbit Surge. I love looking at that bright white strip of skin under it, because it reminds me that I’m healing my mind and my body in new ways this summer.

Alright, well I may be doing my long run tomorrow morning. I best be hitting the proverbial hay early tonight.

Read on. Run on.