7/12/16: Toddler Tuesday

Although I am a newly-minted-and-employed librarian, I consider my full-time work as Mama to be most important to me. As with my blog title, being Mama comes before running and books and anything else in my life. Dino-toddler (DT) is the most awesome thing that ever happened, and she has changed my life in ways I would have never imagined. So I hope to write about the ways my mom-life and run-life intersect. Or maybe this will just be a place for some of the daily cute/craziness that happens.

DT started daycare full-time in a center back in January. After a long period of rocky “drop-offs” (she literally climbed me and stood on my shoulder one morning), she has transitioned well and loves her school. She gets along with her pals, and all the reports of behavior are glowing. In fact, I wish she were as good for us as she is for them.

The one thing that has been a struggle is the germ factor. She has been sick SO much these past 6 months. Today, she was unofficially diagnosed with Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease. Ugh. Poor baby. She came down with a fever the first night of our vacation, and we couldn’t figure out why. The rest of the vacation, she was irritable and not quite herself, but she toughed it out and still had fun.

Cheesin’ by the lake.

Then, when we arrived home yesterday we noticed little spots on her feet, hands, one leg, and diaper area. Panic ensued, but a call to the nurse line this morning  calmed most fear. Apparently it’s going around.

Luckily, it has been mild thus far, and she is in good spirits. As good as toddler spirits can be, anyway.

Although I am concerned most for her wellbeing and health, I cannot pretend like it doesn’t affect all of us. Both the hubby and I have dealt with so much illness, too. At the beginning of my most recent training plan, I even came down with a bout of stomach flu for the first time.

Whether it’s my own illness or DT’s, the sleepless and anxiety-ridden nights leave little energy for running or time for taking care of myself. I was so excited to run on the beautiful Lake Superior shore this past weekend; I even slept in my running clothes two nights in a row so I could greet the day ready to run. But it didn’t happen. Because DT kicked at me and whined and cried each night. It left both of us exhausted. It left me incredibly disappointed.

I’m trying to be less of an “all or nothing” kind of gal now, though. I used to get discouraged and angry at myself; then I’d let it drag me further down until I had completely derailed over something seemingly minor. That’s not going to be my mindset anymore. I am making a conscious effort to take it easy on myself for the bad days. I am channeling that angry energy and turning it into fuel for the good days.

So that brings me to today. I knew I needed to run this morning, even though it was terrible to get out of bed. I finally made it out, and I didn’t let my bummer of a mood or late start get me down. I went out, and I ran for seven straight minutes. That hasn’t happened in…a very long time (if ever?). I didn’t even slow down to play Pokemon Go, and that deserves a medal or something because I know there were a lot of Pokestops and gyms along the way.

I was excited to feel “back on track” today, and I wanted to keep that energy going. Tonight, we packed DT into the jogging stroller for a late evening power walk. And I think she decided to follow in Mama’s footsteps and take it easy on herself, too.

Was it something I said?

Read on. Run on.